Hello ! Welcome to SHECH.com

Hello ! Welcome to SHECH.com

Antique Victorian Micro Mosaic Dog Brooch Metal Frame


A very cheerful Antique Victorian Micro Mosaic depicting an adorable King Charles Spaniel Laid upon a bed of green grass. The level of details are amazing, with realistic coloring and shading inlaid expertly into the black onyx. There is a little chip at the bottom of black onyx. Others are in excellent condition.

Weight: 20.02g

Frame : Width 46mm x Height 38mm x Depth 7mm 

Mosaic : Width 35mm x 27mm 

Mteal Frame: 

Age: Victorian c1860 

Condition: Mosaic Excellent, little chip at the bottom of onyx.



【奢匙SHECH】Mico mosaic 微马赛克狗狗胸针c1860年代 King Charles Spaniel Dog
金属框原框 黑色底为onyx 下方有小缺口
重 20.02g
尺寸 长宽 4.6x3.8cm 厚约 0.7cm
微画部分非常细致精致 工艺精湛




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